Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Entrepreneurs Beware – New Book Featuring Marketing & Growth Strategies Could Make You Rich, Despite Tough Economy


Nancy Jamison, Co-Founder & CEO-MOM of Involution, join forces with team of successful entrepreneurs to publish new book featuring stories of inspiration and exact how-to strategies to take any small business worldwide, even in this economy.


PRLog (Press Release)Apr 21, 2009 – Atlanta, GA -- Nancy Jamison, Co-Founder & CEO-MOM of Involution join forces with a team of celebrities, best selling authors and successful entrepreneurs to introduce the book ‘HyperGrowth’, featuring stories of inspiration, revealing intimate challenges and closely guarded success strategies. Each chapter leads the reader through an exact “how to” process to gain massive exposure for their small business, create a lead generation machine and turn prospects into clients.

Ms. Jamison is a leader in the direct sales industry - http://www.LiveInProsperity.net . She is a home business expert, entrepreneur, author, marketer and co-leader of an international mastermind group. Her background includes over 20 years of hospitality business management, successfully operating multimillion dollar restaurants. When Nancy first heard about the HyperGrowth book project, she submitted a request to be one of the co-authors. The publishers were so moved by her story, Nancy was immediately accepted. Ms. Jamison’s story submission shares a compelling story about listening to your intuition and persevering, when all else looks lost. Although the release date of the book is still several months away, Nancy adds “People can pre-order the book by going to http://www.LiveInProsperity.net/HyperGrowth.html and receive a discount and many bonus gifts valued at thousands of dollars.”

The HyperGrowth book has been created to teach small business owners and entrepreneurs how to catapult the growth of their business, using a proven 5-step system. The book leads the reader through each of the steps, motivation, mission, marketing, monetize and momentum, sharing exact how-to strategies for each step.

Here are just a few of the things the reader will discover….

- How to motivate yourself & others to supercharge your efforts and spread the word.
- The secret strategy behind your mission and how you can instantly apply it to generate ten times more new business.
- The single largest marketing mistake that 98% of all entrepreneurs are making that is costing them hundreds of thousands of dollars year after year and what they must do to fix this today.
- How to use the internet as your #1 tool to grow your business. Hyper-Growth will guide you step-by-step, showing you how to create an unstoppable sales funnel and completely demystify the internet.
- If you just had 48 hours to take your business from local to worldwide, how could you do it? The book will show you step by step exactly what you need to do.

HyperGrowth will be available in all of the major bookstores throughout the United States and England in just several months. Pre-orders are being accepted at http://www.LiveInProsperity.net/HyperGrowth.html and when you order today you will not only receive a discount but also many bonus gifts valued at thousands of dollars.

To receive Ms. Jamison’s free business gift, a comprehensive audio on Innovative Marketing & Advertising Strategies and literally thousands of dollars of additional free bonus gifts from the HyperGrowth Co-Author team, please visit http://www.LiveInProsperity.net/HyperGrowth.html and pre-order your copy today.

To learn more about Involution and Nancy Jamison, please visit http://www.LiveInProsperity.net.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yellow Car Game - Easy Prosperity Technique

When I was 17 I wanted a Yellow IROC Z-28...what do you expect I'm from New Jersey :)! There was one where I grew up, that always cruised around Old Bridge. You could always find them at the Dance Clubs too. It felt so good to see that car. I knew it was fast, unusual because of the yellow paint and it was really attractive to me.

Today, yellow cars have taken on a whole new perspective. Now to me when I see yellow cars, they trigger the important feeling of PROSPERITY. My good friend Wendy Matthews taught me a technique to help trigger good positive feelings that will attract the things or situations I want to attract.

Here's how is goes...Statistically, yellow paint is the color that is least used within stock paint colors. In other words, only about 20% of cars on the road are yellow so the chances of you seeing a yellow car compared to other colors is slim. As you are driving, set the intention of seeing yellow cars. Be excited & challenge yourself to see them: "Today, I'm going to see yellow vehicles of all shapes & sizes!!" By you setting the intention from a place of excitement, the Universe sets in motion a series of events that will present to you yellow vehicles-school buses, SUV's, cars, motorcycles, etc. Keep the faith and KNOW that you will see them & you will see the vehicles. When you see them, you have now just proven to yourself that you have the power of intention AND the power of manifestation. In other words, you set out to see yellow cars, and you have manifested yellow cars during your path today.

So now, apply a feeling to this game - health, happiness, success - whatever you want. For me, whenever I see yellow vehicles, I say "Prosperity" or "thank you for those 10 leads." It's a trigger or a signal to get me back to the JOYFUL place, a place of belief in myself that I can manifest whatever I desire - whether it's yellow cars, a relationship, prospects for my business or $20,000. By seeing the yellow car, I KNOW I have the ability to stay in the constant state of JOY...it's from JOY that we create our destiny, our life. You too have the same ability.

My whole family intends yellow cars during their day now, attaching different feelings to the visual. My son Rex evens shouts out "Prosperity" when he sees a yellow vehicle...and he's 2 1/2. It's a super fun game that all can enjoy. Have fun with this; you'll always yellow cars where ever you go now.

We've been doing this now for about 2 months. Bill & I work our business from home http://LiveInProsperity.net. The other day I was sitting at the desk, looking out the window thinking about writing this post and guess what flies by my window...a Yellow Helicopter...low and slow - it was awesome - as if to say, "Prosperity is all around Nancy!" It surely is & it's a good life.